The Nalu Boys

We are in Messakti beach, still in Ikaria island; Time seems to have stop as we hang out at one of the coolest beach bars of the Aegean; Listening to reggae and blues, drinking local refreshments, gazing at the sea… Okay, correction, gazing at the groups of surfers that are gathered like bees at the Nalu Boys Surf School, looking very bohemian and very, very fit.

That makes me think the “a healthy mind in a healthy body” Greek proverb, and how well, my friend Isidoros Plytas, owner of The Nalu Boys Surf School embodies this principal. Isidoros loves to surf; surfing helped him develop an understanding and respect for the environment, a sense of responsibility to offer a healthy lifestyle option to the young people of his island and a positive consideration for a physical and mental life.

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words © maria alipranti

photography © christo drazos

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