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Hotel Rebranding in cooperation with hotellence.com

It is pleasure for me to have a cooperation with hotellence and especially with Niko Morantis for this project in Mykonos, hope to see you soon in another interesting project. Christos.

About hotellence.com

“The team of hotel marketing company hotellence (www.hotellence.com), is responsible for the complete rebranding and digitalization of “The A Hotel by Mykonos Arhontiko”. Following a basic strategic analysis (Product Analysis, Clientele Evaluation, Competitor Research, Development Channels), the overall digital presence of the hotel was redesigned for the optimum targeting of potential visitors. 

The first and vital step for the successful digitalization of the hotel and a major tool for creating a sales oriented brand identity was the strategically specified photo shooting, in collaboration with the excellent photographer Christos Drazos (www.drazos.com), who managed to capture the real character and ambiance of the hotel.

For the successful targeting of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Gender) audience for this project, hotellence closely collaborated with destsetters | LGBT Travel Marketing & Destination Development company (www.destsetters.com).”

photography © christos drazos

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