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Aegean light part 01



October is the month with most incredible light in Aegean. During a hotel’s photo shoot, years before.

Kokkedal Slot Hotel | Part II


It’ always good to be back for a photo shoot. Different season gives you new opportunities in hotel photography.

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  • Crete Villa 01
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Photo Shoot of a Uinique Villa in Crete

Nestled on a rocky hillside, this luxurious seaside retreat is a masterpiece of Mediterranean architecture. The waves crash onto the shore just a couple of metres below giving the villa the distinct impression of an anchored boat.The entire property has been designed to blur the boundaries between the building and its stunning natural surroundings. Completely stripped of any superfluous décor, emphasizing the vista across the rugged coastline, the interiors blend harmoniously with the wild landscape.

photography © christos drazos | all rights reserved


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As you climb the steps down into the winery cellars, your senses are conquered one by one by wine. First the nose, beset by its intoxicating aromas, then the gaze drawn to images depicting wine production and the history of Katogi Averoff. And as you continue your exploration of the paths of wine, sound joins the images to intensifies the sense of ritual: you are now firmly in the realm of Dionysis as the god of wine initiates you into its wonders and mystique. An altogether unforgettable experience rounded off by an enjoyable wine-tasting session.

photography © christos drazos

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Monemvasia located in the southeastern Peloponnese in the prefecture of Laconia, separated from the mainland by an earthquake in 375 A.D. Its name derives from two Greek words, mone and emvassi, meaning “single entrance”.

Today a causeway links the mainland town of Yefira/New Monemvasia to Monemvasia or Kastro (castle). The Kastro is divided into a lower and an upper town. Many ruins of the original 800 houses and only four out of the original forty churches can be found in the lower town.

more photos here

photography © christos drazos

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The “Organic Table” | travel to Naxos

Imagine that you are walking along an ancient, marbled path, surrounded by sycamore trees and oaks. The sunrays that pass through the waving tree leaves create an impressive visual game of shadows and light. On your right, there is a narrow river flowing towards the sea, creating small waterfalls on its way. On your left, there is a fence made of stone, covered with ivy and mosses. All you hear is the tweeting birds and the rippling water.

Where are you? You are in the village of Ano Potamia in Naxos island, on your way to the old water mill where Maria Pollikreti will teach you how to cook traditional, local and organic recipes.

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photography © christo drazos

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The Nalu Boys

We are in Messakti beach, still in Ikaria island; Time seems to have stop as we hang out at one of the coolest beach bars of the Aegean; Listening to reggae and blues, drinking local refreshments, gazing at the sea… Okay, correction, gazing at the groups of surfers that are gathered like bees at the Nalu Boys Surf School, looking very bohemian and very, very fit.

That makes me think the “a healthy mind in a healthy body” Greek proverb, and how well, my friend Isidoros Plytas, owner of The Nalu Boys Surf School embodies this principal. Isidoros loves to surf; surfing helped him develop an understanding and respect for the environment, a sense of responsibility to offer a healthy lifestyle option to the young people of his island and a positive consideration for a physical and mental life.

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words © maria alipranti

photography © christo drazos