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Food Shots for Myconian Ambassador Hotel ( Member of Relais Chateaux )

The “Myconian Ambassador Hotel”, member of  Relais Chateaux, have exceptional modern Greek cuisine. The following images is a just a small taste from the photo shoot of the hotel.

Myconian Ambassador

Myconian Ambassador

photography © christos drazos

Kokkedal Slot Hotel | Part II


It’ always good to be back for a photo shoot. Different season gives you new opportunities in hotel photography.

drz-2566 drz-2561 drz-2553

  • Crete Villa 01
  • Crete Villa 02
  • Crete Villa 03
  • Crete Villa 04
  • Crete Villa 05
  • Crete Villa 07
  • Crete Villa 08
  • Crete Villa 09

Photo Shoot of a Uinique Villa in Crete

Nestled on a rocky hillside, this luxurious seaside retreat is a masterpiece of Mediterranean architecture. The waves crash onto the shore just a couple of metres below giving the villa the distinct impression of an anchored boat.The entire property has been designed to blur the boundaries between the building and its stunning natural surroundings. Completely stripped of any superfluous décor, emphasizing the vista across the rugged coastline, the interiors blend harmoniously with the wild landscape.

photography © christos drazos | all rights reserved


  • drz-5604
  • drz-5478
  • drz-5454
  • drz-5390
  • drz-5370
  • drz-5309
  • drz-5302
  • drz-5274
  • drz-5227
  • drz-5155
  • drz-5106
  • drz-5097
  • drz-5076
  • drz-5056
  • drz-5044
  • drz-5006
  • drz-4972
  • drz-4934
  • drz-4879
  • drz-4844
  • drz-4756
  • drz-4676-2
  • drz-4579
  • drz-4503
  • drz-4481
  • drz-4407
  • drz-4278
  • drz-4262
  • drz-4094
  • drz-4078
  • drz-4139
  • drz-4003
  • drz-3969

Kokkedal Slot Hotel | Copenhagen | Denmark

Kokkedal Slot is an absolutely unique hotel in Denmark. In our last photo shoot we have the opportunity to present spacious and luxury spaces and lifestyle images with the precious cooperation of the management of the hotel.

Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen offers royal experiences in a verdant parkland surrounding.

For more here.

photography © christos drazos | all rights reserved


Charisma Suites | Oia | Santorini



A brand new boutique hotel in Oia Santorini.

Clean Cycladic architecture and minimal interior design.

More images here…

  • drz-1397
  • drz-1506
  • drz-1518
  • drz-1384
  • drz-1386z
  • drz-1388z
  • drz-1394
  • drz-1397
  • drz-1445
  • drz-1493
  • drz-1604ζ
  • drz-1624
  • drz-1659
  • drz-1687
  • drz-1946
  • drz-1965
  • drz-1977
  • drz-2003z

Monopatia Mountain Resort

Celebrated for its natural splendour and its silvery stone villages skilfully crafted by local stonemasons in centuries past, the Zagori region, nestled in the dramatic Pindus range, offers the visitor a rich and rewarding experience .

Ano Pedina lies in the heart of the Zagori, sited amphitheatrically on the southwestern slopes of Mt Tymfi amid maple, walnut, ash and wild cherry trees. Eight cottages and two mansions in one of its old neighbourhoods have recently been restored to create the MONOPATIA Mountain Resort & Restaurant.

photography © christos drazos | all rights reserved


  • drz-grandforest-metsovo-0006z
  • drz-grandforest-metsovo-0040
  • drz-grandforest-metsovo-0710z
  • drz-metsovo-0764
  • drz-4601
  • drz-4329
  • drz-4081
  • drz-3946
  • drz-4532
  • drz-4064
  • drz-4079
  • drz-4367
  • drz-4390
  • drz-4674
  • drz-4624
  • drz-3937
  • drz-4114
  • drz-4007
  • drz-4551
  • drz-3976
  • drz-3972
  • drz-4572

Grand Forest Metsovo | An ultra luxury mountain resort

A hotel in perfect harmony with nature, perched on a hillside overlooking breathtaking views and nestled in a pristine pine forest. 

With services unique to the region, sincere hospitality guided by a passion for quality. Grand Forest Metsovo is here to welcome you for your break, to enjoy our culinary suggestions, to indulge yourself to our Fontus Spa with the two swimming pools and to choose from dozens of experiences the surrounding area has to offer.

Branding: Ginis & Partners

Architecture by: 3SK Stylianidis Architects

photography © christos drazos


  • drz01
  • drz02
  • drz03
  • drz04
  • drz05
  • drz06

Hotel Rebranding in cooperation with

It is pleasure for me to have a cooperation with hotellence and especially with Niko Morantis for this project in Mykonos, hope to see you soon in another interesting project. Christos.


“The team of hotel marketing company hotellence (, is responsible for the complete rebranding and digitalization of “The A Hotel by Mykonos Arhontiko”. Following a basic strategic analysis (Product Analysis, Clientele Evaluation, Competitor Research, Development Channels), the overall digital presence of the hotel was redesigned for the optimum targeting of potential visitors. 

The first and vital step for the successful digitalization of the hotel and a major tool for creating a sales oriented brand identity was the strategically specified photo shooting, in collaboration with the excellent photographer Christos Drazos (, who managed to capture the real character and ambiance of the hotel.

For the successful targeting of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans Gender) audience for this project, hotellence closely collaborated with destsetters | LGBT Travel Marketing & Destination Development company (”

photography © christos drazos

  • drz-myconian-0796
  • drz-myconian-6503
  • drz-myconian-6485
  • drz-myconian-6505
  • drz-myconian-6520
  • drz-myconian-7356
  • drz-myconian-6530
  • drz-myconian-6931
  • drz-myconian-7088
  • drz-myconian-7616
  • drz-myconian-villas-1310
  • drz-myconian-7392


Myconian Villas, a superb all-villa resort, ideally situated above the beautiful Elia beach is offering the ultimate stylish, comfortable and wonderful holiday on the stunning island of Mykonos. Discreet opulence and privacy are perfectly combined with luxurious and modern facilities to provide an indulgent getaway for the guests and make them feel truly reborn!

Astonishing panoramic view of the blue Aegean, magnificent interiors based on traditional Myconian architecture are gently fused with contemporary design, luxurious facilities, a highly selected portfolio of public amenities and an exemplary level of service offered by our experienced staff to create an unforgettable experience. Each villa provides dining room, lounge area, private kitchen (some of them) and a private outdoor infinity pool or Jacuzzi. Two restaurants, infinity pool with pool bar and a state of the art thalassotherapy spa are also available to the guests.

Myconian Villas are large enough to offer the standards and quality of a five star hotel but with customized service that guarantees a memorable stay. The collection of elegant villas offers the ideal choice, whether you’re looking for a romantic two-bedroom hideaway, a family size villa or a luxury villa large enough to share with a group of friends.

photography © christos drazos




SG Design is a Santorini based interior design Company with Sophie Mohr at the head of all the design projects. Sophie hails from Denmark, with a creative background and an impressive list of clientele to her name. She started her early career in an architects office, and in 1998 made the decision to forfull her great passion of creating hotels and spaces where people feel at ease with their surroundings.

Her early projects include a great many villa renovations, with her talent of understanding the organic state of the building and bringing those beautiful curves to life. Sophie’s great passion these days is overseeing and completing full hotel renovations. Her sense of Eco friendly design, attention to detail and empathy with the purpose of the building adds a certain timeless and subtly sensuous style to the projects.

for more:

photography by: christos drazos

  • drz-sando-9986
  • drz-sando-9512
  • drz-sando-0201
  • drz-sando-0506
  • drz-sando-9523
  • drz-sando-9964

s and o villas | luxury seaside villas in Corfu

Built on the island’s eastern part, among lush vegetation and in a stunning natural environment, the S & O private villas constitute the ideal choice for luxurious accommodation in Corfu. The island of Corfu in Greece is a mixture of scintillating seaside and mountainous villages and genteel Tuscan countryside blended with quirky customs, like cricket, ginger beer and chamber music festivals. This Ionian paradise is the ultimate escape for couples, families and friends, who want to experience its unique Venetian flair.

for more,

photography © christos drazos

  • drz-iok-8644
  • drz-iok-8621
  • drz-iok-8545
  • drz-iok-8098
  • drz-iok-8164
  • dreams-sunset

“Iokasti” a New Dream Villa by Aqua Vista Hotels

Served by Dreams Luxury Suites and having all the high standards of this well known about its service hotel, the Iokasti villa stands 300m above the sea level overlooking the Volcano, the dramatic cliffs, and the sunset.

for more follow the link

photography © christo drazos

  • drz-tsitouras-3926
  • drz-tsitouras-1811
  • drz-tsitouras-1808
  • drz-tsitouras-2117
  • drz-tsitouras-1915

The Tsitouras Collection

The mansion that forms the nucleus of the Tsitouras Collection was built in 1780. Over the centuries, it has served as a school, post office, and private home. It was renovated in 1985 by the famous collector Dimitris Tsitouras, and is now a small luxury boutique hotel.

Complete photo gallery here

photography © christos drazos

  • drz-canaves-0710
  • drz-canaves-5185
  • drz-canaves-5223
  • drz-canaves-5294
  • drz-canaves-5482
  • drz-canaves-5714
  • drz-canaves-5962
  • drz-canaves-6029

Life Experiences at Canaves Suites

Canaves Oia Boat Excursions in Santorini

Boat excursions around the awe-inspiring Caldera and cruise excursions in luxury sailing yachts to the nearby Greek islands can be arranged by the hotel’s concierge in order to enhance the Canaves sailing experience.

In collaboration with Sunset Oia Yacht rentals, Canaves Oia in Santorini Island welcomes travelers to embark on a sailing tour in Santorini or on private boat excursions and discover the hidden treasures of this island marvel while unwinding in the comfort and privacy of their own sailing boat or in the arms of luxury in private sailing yachts, ideal for romantic sunset sailing excursions.

Santorini Island Luxury Sailing Excursions

Brilliantly set on the volcanic cliffs of Oia overlooking the emerald Aegean, Canaves Oia hotel offers a fabulous selection of exquisite services in order to enhance the traveler experience such as romantic overnight cruises and semi-private excursions in sailing yachts and private boat excursions in Santorini that can be arranged upon request.

Some of the boats offered for the adventurous Canaves boat excursions in Santorini include the 50ft Catamaran Lagoon 500, the 42ft Catamaran Oia Lagoon 420 and the 74ft Ocean Voyager Catamaran sailing boat, all ideal for exploratory or romantic tours in the miraculous Santorini Island.

photography © christos drazos





  • gourmet02
  • Gourmet03
  • gourmet01

Gourmet experiences in Lithuania

Flavorsome and healthy dishes are created by the resort’s talented chef using the localy grown ecological produce, complemented by an array of the finest selection of wines from our very own wine cellar. Our chef pays a lot of attention to the quality of food and therefore delivers all food products from privately owned ecological farms. He also offers fresh vegetables, berries and spices grown in our own garden located on the bank of the lake.

for more IDW Esperanza Resort

photography © christos drazos