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Food Shots for Myconian Ambassador Hotel ( Member of Relais Chateaux )

The “Myconian Ambassador Hotel”, member of  Relais Chateaux, have exceptional modern Greek cuisine. The following images is a just a small taste from the photo shoot of the hotel.

Myconian Ambassador

Myconian Ambassador

photography © christos drazos

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Chef D. Katrivessis at oozora restaurant

Presentation of the new work of D. Katrivessis in his cooperation with “oozora” restaurant.

A dialog between Japanese & Peruvian cuisine.

photography © christos drazos | all rights reserved 

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As you climb the steps down into the winery cellars, your senses are conquered one by one by wine. First the nose, beset by its intoxicating aromas, then the gaze drawn to images depicting wine production and the history of Katogi Averoff. And as you continue your exploration of the paths of wine, sound joins the images to intensifies the sense of ritual: you are now firmly in the realm of Dionysis as the god of wine initiates you into its wonders and mystique. An altogether unforgettable experience rounded off by an enjoyable wine-tasting session.

photography © christos drazos

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The “Organic Table” | travel to Naxos

Imagine that you are walking along an ancient, marbled path, surrounded by sycamore trees and oaks. The sunrays that pass through the waving tree leaves create an impressive visual game of shadows and light. On your right, there is a narrow river flowing towards the sea, creating small waterfalls on its way. On your left, there is a fence made of stone, covered with ivy and mosses. All you hear is the tweeting birds and the rippling water.

Where are you? You are in the village of Ano Potamia in Naxos island, on your way to the old water mill where Maria Pollikreti will teach you how to cook traditional, local and organic recipes.

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photography © christo drazos

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Gourmet experiences in Lithuania

Flavorsome and healthy dishes are created by the resort’s talented chef using the localy grown ecological produce, complemented by an array of the finest selection of wines from our very own wine cellar. Our chef pays a lot of attention to the quality of food and therefore delivers all food products from privately owned ecological farms. He also offers fresh vegetables, berries and spices grown in our own garden located on the bank of the lake.

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photography © christos drazos